Visual Effects (Pixelspray Project)

Pixelspray is a visual effects project that attempts to bridge the gap between street art and digital art. The idea is to shoot video of street locations, create art that "lives" in that location, then tag that location with a QR code to allow others to discover it. The project is in development to become an augmented reality based experience.

                Auto Take Off (shot in Minneapolis, MN)
               Stop Picker (shot in Florence, Italy)
               Lost Luggage (shot in London, England)
               Flushing Games (shot in Minneapolis, MN)
               Playing at Church (shot in Barcelona, Spain)
               Playing with Trash (shot in Venice, Italy)
               Short Circuit Surveillance (shot in Rome, Italy)
               Quick Draw (shot in London, England)
               Saved by the Seat (shot in Barcelona, Spain)
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